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Ulo - The Surveillance Owl
Home's Safety At Your Fingertips.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Apr 24, 2018

Do you often wonder if your home is safe when you are not around? What about your pet? Are they up to some mischief in your absence? Sometimes keeping an eye on your home becomes necessary. This stands especially true if you have children. When you are not there, you need to make sure that they are safe and not doing things they are not supposed to do, like staying up late or watching inappropriate content on the television or the internet. Ulo helps you get that peace of mind that you deserve.

Ulo is a tiny surveillance camera which is far more efficient than it looks. Ulo interacts with you through eyes movements and this is where it gives a feeling of a personal bond, elevating it from just another gadget. Ulo has its own webpage and android/ios app which lets you customize it according to your requirements. Ulo communicates through a series of unique expressions For example - a low battery (under 10%) will indicate that Ulo is tired. It blinks when you take a snapshot. Its eyes follow your movements and squints when someone is watching live video. 

The eye expressions are possible due to the round LCD screens originally manufactured for next-generation smartwatches. In order to activate or deactivate the alert mode you just have to double tap on Ulo’s forehead. Every movement is recorded and sent via email. Ulo works on 3 rechargeable NiMH batteries (LR06) minimum 1900 mA. These rechargeable batteries are not provided but can easily be found in most stores. Ulo needs to be charged every two days if you use it on a daily basis. You can also leave it plugged in at all times on a USB port. Ulo streams recorded video content directly to its web page or mobile app.

Here are some of its features and specifications

Height: 9cm / 3,5inch
- Diameter: 9cm / 3,5inch
- Weight: 165g / 0.36 lbs (without batteries) 
- Body material:  ABS-PC plastics
- Screens: 2x round LCD, 220x220 resolution
- High-resolution camera: 2 Mega Pixel
- Inbuilt microphone
- Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 212 Series (APQ8009)
- RAM: 1GB
- Internal memory: 8GB EMMC + microSD card slot (not included)
- Charging: standard micro USB charger 5V-2A
- Batteries: 3 rechargeable NiMH batteries LR06 minimum 1900 mA (not included)

The Ulo is priced at 199 Euros and can be purchased here

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