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NOW IN TECH WEEKEND: Electric Scooter now becomes a new trend
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Apr 24, 2018

1.Electric Scooter now becomes a new trend

Electric scooter producers Bird, Lime and Spin say they're resolving a long-lasting transportation problem which could gives commuters an easy and convenient way to zip around the city while helping ease street congestion and smog.


2.ZTE is seeking solution to US Tech ban

China’s largest tech companies ZTE Corp said Sunday it is taking stpes to comply with a US technology ban and it is seeking solutions to prevent further loss.


3. Toshiba Corp aims to sell its memory chip business

Toshiba Corp said Monday it is still aiming to sell its chip business soon following its cancellation of a $18.6 billion dollars’ deal. This move failed to pass Chinese regulators but the company hopes to find another buyer soon.


4. UK financial firms hope to work with government to fight cyber security

Britain’s financial firms need to pull together to fight cyber crime, working with government and law enforcement to attack criminals’ infrastructure and put them out of business, a report by KPMG and industry body UK Finance said on Monday.


5. Iran government banned crytocurrency

Iran government has banned crytocurrencies like bitcoins and other forms of tokens. The government says this move is over money laundering concerns and an increasing number of financial fraud has been discovered with newly emerged crytocurrency. 

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