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Breaking Free From Inhibitions With HexHog
Incredibly Cool Terrain Wheelchair.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Apr 23, 2018

The HexHog was designed for all those people who don’t let their disability stand in the way of a life of adventure. The HexHog packs in multifunctional features. It has the attributes of both a wheelchair and ATV all packed into one aesthetic package. The HexHog can be operated easily in extreme terrain without difficulty. So let’s learn a bit more about what the HexHog can do.

The HexHog is a unique battery powered machine and is operated with the help of a joystick.  It was developed after five years of testing and development in the harshest of mountain terrain and extreme environments. The HexHog can be used for various activities like farming, fishing, shooting or exploring. The HexHog gives independence and freedom to the rider even in the toughest of the ultimate all-terrain chair gives independence and freedom to the rider even in the harshest environment. The HexHog can withstand mud, water, sandy beaches, snow or ice, making it the ideal outdoor adventure. The HexHog has a patented flexing chassis which provides stability superior to an ATV without the need to lean or ride. The chassis mechanism will ensure that all six wheels maintain contact with the ground while traversing rough terrain, rocks and steep steps which minimizes seat movement for a comfortable ride in the most extreme environments. The electronic design gives maximum independence to all kinds of users. The programmable joystick allows safe operation on various terrains, allowing customization to suit all driving styles while requiring low dexterity or upper limb movement.

The HexHog has the following specifications


·         Battery: 36v Lithium Ion.

·         Transmission: 6x6 (independently shaft driven to each wheel from left and right motors)

·         Tyre Size: 20x10-10 as standard (option of deep tread tires for roughest ground)

·         Motors: 2x Permanent magnet pancake motors.

·         Weight: 275kg.

·         Braking: Primary through motors, secondary through fail-safe magnetic disc brake.

·         Charging: High-frequency charger, charge in less than 2.5 hrs (subject to the appropriate power supply).


·         Maximum Operational gradient: 30° (50%) in any direction.

·         Maximum wheel travel: 450mm.

·         Top speed: 8.5 mph (13.6kph) standard model, increase in speed can be considered with the customer.


·         Control Interface: Joystick, with adjustable damping and acceleration/deceleration.

·         Security: Unique ignition key.

·         Emergency: Emergency stop button on armrest that will isolate battery and apply brakes.



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