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Lovesac - One Couch. Many Possibilities
The couch that loves to change.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Apr 20, 2018

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you were to buy one couch that would serve you many purposes? A couch that is not just a regular couch but so much more. You must think us to be deluded but bear with us because what we are saying here has actually been made possible with Lovesac. Lovesac is the latest customizable couch in the market and the possibilities are endless. Made from soft foam cushioning this couch can be converted into many separate units or reassembled into a single large unit that can sleep 3-4 easily and comfortably.

Most people grow bored with the same old mundane furniture that they have in their house. The inability to change the setup of your home decor becomes all the more problematic owing to the absolute dimensions of most of your home’s furniture. Lovesac has come out with a solution to this problem and with the answers to many more questions. Lovesac provides the world’s first customizable couch which can be dissembled and reassembled to create different seating and sleeping furniture that not just look fancy and comfortable but also make sense.

If you need a extra sofa in your drawing room but buying two sofas can seem a whole lot expensive, Lovesac helps you out with the option of customizing their couch into two different sofas to sit smartly in your sitting room. You are having friend’s come over for a party but there isn’t enough places for them to sit on, just dissemble the Lovesac and watch it transform itself into small separate units of seating cushions.

The interesting thing about Lovesac lies in the fact that if you wish to increase the number of cushions you have, you can easily do so by buying more. Lovesac can be reassembled in so many different formations that it is absolutely crazy. They can be reshuffled to match your comfort requirements as well as to look aesthetic and pleasing. Being lightweight and made of foam, they are comfortable to sleep on and easy to drag around the house. They come in various colours to suit your taste and go according to the ambience of your household.

If you are thinking about buying yourself some furniture for your house that takes the edge and also comes in handy, think no more and buy Lovesac. The Lovesac can be purchased here

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