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The Watch To Watch Out For
Tread The Way With Tread Tempo
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Apr 19, 2018

Imagine having a watch that is not only a watch but so much more. Tread has launched its latest multi-tool watch that has been designed to not just tell you the time but to also help you with making your time a lot easier. Decked with multiple tools to help you get through the day and tackle everyday jobs this watch is a killer purchase. Tread has named their latest multi-tool watch Tread Tempo and it comes with a multi-tool wristband coupled with a handsome Swiss-made wristwatch.

Tread had originally launched their multi tool wristbands with the original version of Tread and the slimmer version of the former known as Tread LT. These wristbands are state of the art and are made from steel that have customizable links which can be altered as per the user’s convenience and whim to make the band look new every time you wear it.  Apart from the innovative customizable links, Tread also features around thirty different tools that have been well equipped within the wristband. These tools vary from bottle openers, to screw drivers, to carbide glass breakers. Tread has redefined fashion with this innovative accessory.

It is not just convenient but also looks dashing on any person’s hand. Their latest addition is known by the name of Tread Tempo, which is a multi-tool wristband that also has a handsome looking watch attached to it. The watch is Swiss made and every inch of it, especially the dial, shrieks of class. Unlike its original counterparts, the Tread Tempo has added one extra tool to this wristband to make your life even more convenient.

The Tread Tempo has the following features and specifications:

·        30 hard-working tools with a precision Leatherman-designed, Swiss-made timepiece

·        Water resistance of up to 200 meters. 

·        Scratch resistant sapphire crystal

·        Precision Swiss made movement

·        Adjustable clasp to 1/8” and date/time functions with 3 luminescent hands. 5-year battery

·        A 2-year warranty on the timepiece and a 25-year warranty on the bracelet

·        It has a circumference of  9.42 in | 23.93 cm

·        It weighs 9.6 oz

·        The band has a width of 1.2 in | 3.05 cm

The Tread Tempo is priced at 449.95$ and can be purchased here.


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