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The Ultimate Neighborhood Vehicle
Less is More with the Eli ZERO Electric Vehicle
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 08, 2018

With a major push globally to a greener way of life you have surely made some updates to the way you live.  Do you recycle? Have you installed energy saving light bulbs in your home? Maybe you even eat less meat and have started your own compost pile? There are so many ways you can cut down on your carbon footprint at home. And now there’s even an affordable way to make your ride eco-friendly too.

Eli ZERO is a zero emission vehicle. An electric compact two-seater that makes personal transportation simpler, friendlier and easier to maneuver. With a 55 mile range (85 miles with the Eli+ model) and a top speed of 25 mph it is the perfect neighborhood vehicle, but don’t expect much from it on the highway. It conveniently can be charged from any normal outlet in 6 hours or 4.5 hours when charging from a level 2 outlet. It’s all you need for a day about town, getting your groceries, hitting a yoga class and having coffee with a friend.

Eli ZERO is 70% smaller than the average sedan, and 90% more energy efficient than a fuel car, which makes it one of the most energy efficient electric vehicles to enter the market. It has a powerful vehicle management system that controls the brain of the car and keeps its reliable performance in check by analyzing your rides data in real time. Eli ZERO is made from lightweight recycled aluminum which allows the car to have its extended range and reduces its carbon foot print when being manufactured.

As we said, Eli is built to be a friendlier, simpler drive, with a less is more mantra. Like, there is only one pedal to drive with when driving in “easy mode”. It makes short trips fun and offers an intuitive mobility experience and focuses only on what really matters in a car. There are frameless doors and large windows for wide viewing angles, interactive headlights and proximity detection with auto-unlock and press to start functions.

Besides the obvious cost saving for you, the positive environmental impact will improve
air quality in urban areas. This is a win win for you and the planet. You can reserve yours now on Indiegogo.

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