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NOW IN TECH WEEKEND: Tesla has been removed from investigation
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Apr 16, 2018

1. Tesla removed from investigation 

A Tesla vehicle operation in autopilot killed a driver in California this march, raising major concerns over its AI guided system. Tesla suggested the driver was at fault. After a series of investigation, the company claims it will remove itself from further probe.

2. Camera now can catch criminals

Chinese police have employed facial recognition to locate and arrest a man among a crowd of 60,000 concert fans. The 31-year-old suspect Mr. Ao, was attending a concert when he got caught. He was a “wanted economic criminals” at large for years.


3. Donald Trump lay his eyes on Amazon

President Donald Trump ordered an evaluation of US Postal Service’s finances after weeks of accusing Amazon for not paying its share. The president has created a task force specifically targeting Amazon’s payment over postage. A report is expected to be delivered in 120 days.


4. Google is going in Africa

Google is releasing an App aiming to boost internet speed in Africa. The App named Google Go can reduce data needed to display search results by 40% and allows previous search to show offline. The search giant made internet much easier even with 2G.


5. Amazon is buying Ring

Amid President Donald Trump’s harsh attack, the e-commerce giant made another purchases this week in response to its bumpy 2018. The company welcomed Ring, a producer of video doorbells and security cameras, to the family. Amazon is expanding its out reach to home facilities.

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