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NOW IN TECH: The era of 5G is coming
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Apr 23, 2018

1. The era of 5G is coming

AT&T is getting more than 100 cities ready for 5G. The telecommunication giant said on Thursday that it is bringing its 5G technology to 117 markets, making 141 in total.


2. Tribeca Film Festival is all about VR

The Tribeca Film Festival kicked off in New York earlier this week made VR more important than ever. VR has been involved more and more in films and eventually, it will bring a new form of storytelling, according to analysts.


3. Apple is replacing batteries

Apple is replacing batteries on a number of MacBook Pro laptops. Apple said it is not a safety issue, but anyone with the old battery without replacement could get affected in the future. Most affected computers are 13-inches Macbook pros.


4. Samsung significantly enhanced its speakers

The Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are packed with new features. What makes it unique, according to many, is the new speakers’ phones. For the first time ever, S9 gives users two speakers’ phones instead one. The dual speakers allow users to have a better audio experience.


5.  Google SMS replacement is ready

Google is launching a new chat messaging service with an aim to replace SMS text message on Android phones. The chat has features such as group texts, videos, typing indicators, and other emojis that people might find adorable. 

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