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Snore Your Heart Out
Your Partner Won’t Hear It with QuietON Sleep
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 05, 2018

Did you know that 25% of people in the USA snore on a regular basis? And over 50% snore occasionally. That’s a lot of unhappy partners.  Have you ever slept next to someone who snores? Deep loud snores can be just terrible. You’re tossing and turning, holding a pillow over your head to try and drown out the loud, continuous, never-ending, nerve-racking, drill like, noise, while the person sleeping next to you is having the best sleep ever. They don’t even notice the racket they are causing. NOT. FAIR.

Now though, with QuietON Sleep you can also get your best rest, even next to that noisy Nancy. QuietON Sleep would appear to be like any other ear plug... which we are sure you have already tried. But it’s not. It’s the world’s most powerful snoring killer. QuietON Sleep has active noise cancelling technology that is built to cancel out low frequency sounds – like snoring. Regular earplugs cant reduce low frequency sounds quite badly.

They are designed with super soft cushioning so that they are extra comfortable to wear while you are sleeping. They are also made of safe materials and are lightweight which makes their in-ear design offer superior comfort compared to other in-ear earplugs. Once you have them in and someone needs to talk to you, you don’t have to worry about taking the earplugs in and out of your ear. With one light tap you can switch between sleeping and hearing mode whenever you need.

In case its been a long day, or make that a long week, and you hope to sleep in – don’t worry the QuietON Sleep has a 20-hour battery life so even the longest of nights will remain silent.  They obviously can be used for so much more then just snoring. Think of ambulances rushing by at 3 am or a neighbors loud television. The couple fighting below you. QuietON Sleep can block out all of it – so all you need to do is sleep.

You can get your good nights sleep for $149 USD.

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