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Emergency Flood Barriers With NOAQ Boxwall
Say No To Floods.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Apr 15, 2018

Floods can happen unexpectedly if there is steady rainfall even for a few hours. While there are many reasons for flooding, there is a lack of good flood protection gear. We still tend to use old-fashioned equipment like sandbags and earthen levees, to stop flooding. Climate change and unpredictable weather have increased the need for better protection against floods. NOAQ Flood Protection AB is a Swedish company, launched with the aim of developing and selling flood protection equipment on the international market.

The NOAQ Boxwall and the NOAQ Tubewall are light and portable flood barriers that are easy to use and fast to set up. Both are self-anchoring, which means they are entirely stabilized by the own weight of the flood water. They weigh much less than the sandbags, but they are still 100% effective. A 50 cm high barrier weighs no more than 5.5 kg per running metre. The NOAQ Flood Fighting System contains a variety of products and services apart from the Boxwall and the Tubewall, all suitable for various situations of flooding. Protecting oneself against floods can be difficult without the right equipment. The tubewall and the boxwall from NOAQ are two such mobile protective barriers. Both are designed so that they are automatically anchored by the own weight of the flood water. 

The barriers being light and handy can be easily set up by almost anyone. You can now protect yourself against flash floods wherever you are. Be it your school, home, workplace or neighborhood; keep your head cool in an emergency and keep the flood waters away from yourself and your family.

 The NOAQ headquarters are located in Näsviken, on the scenic Dellen lakes, just outside Hudiksvall, some 300 kilometers north of Stockholm. The easiest way to get here is to go by fast train from Stockholm or from Arlanda (Stockholm’s international airport). It takes just over two hours from Arlanda, and two and a half hours from Stockholm. The products manufactures by NOAQ are patented in Sweden and also internationally. They have been developed in collaboration with the Swedish Rescue Services Agency and with consumers in various countries. They are now available in more than ten countries and more are being added every day. NOAQ is actively trying to solve the problem of flooding all over the planet and hopes to effectively contribute towards the cause with the help of individuals all over the planet. 

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