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Stand Up Straight
Said No One Ever Using Super Straps
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Apr 15, 2018

How many times have you carried a heavy backpack around with an awkward slouch and your head tilting forward? Have you painfully shuffled the weight of your backpack from one shoulder to the other? Did you know that when your bag feels heavy or your muscles are strained that you are actually stretching or tearing your muscles or tendons? Didn’t realize it was that serious, did you? And if you do this over extended periods of time you can cause serious damage.

So, what are you supposed to do? You have to carry your things and you need to use a backpack. Well Super Straps is about to change all of that. Super Straps is the world’s first backpack booster that instantly relieves shoulders and back tension, lifting 27 pounds of dead weight from your neck. It can be used on any backpack, so no need to get rid of your favorite bag, and attaches easily onto its straps. It has a universal fit for all types of backpacks – even baby carriers.

After attaching it to your backpack you simply wear your bag as you would at any other time. Because of its minimalist design you barely notice Super Straps. You have total control over the support you need by pulling on the pulley system, and within a second you instantly have relief. By pulling on the strings it creates an arc out of your regular backpack straps distributing the weight of your bag to over 5x the surface area which gives you instant relief. It actually pulls the backpack closer to your spine where you can carry it comfortably. And just like that it makes your backpack instantly ergonomic.

Super Straps is an effortless way to improve your posture and take the strain off your shoulders, back, neck, knees and hips. There are additional add--ons that you can purchase to help your back in many other daily scenarios too.

Super Straps can be pre-ordered for $49 USD.

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