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Create Your Own Gadgets
Creation Crate Teaches You Technology
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
May 08, 2018

Do you have loads of ideas for inventions but don’t know how to create them? Hundreds of gadgets are piling up in your head and one is better then the next but how do you go about making them before you forget them? You don’t even know the first thing about technology. And you know what? That’s ok. You don’t have to. Cause now with Creation Crate you don’t have to have experience to learn how to build electronics.

Creation Crate is a monthly subscription to a technology education that comes delivered to you in a box. In other words, it’s a fun way to get educated about tech. In each box is a gadget that needs to be put together and while doing so it teaches you all about coding/programming and how to build hardware. No previous experience is necessary as each Crate comes with an instruction booklet and you can take part in video tutorials and introductory lessons online. Each box comes with all the parts and an Uno R3.

The focus of each Creation Crate is to help you understand what you are doing and how it works. The 12 Creation Crates follow a approved curriculum and each month the box delivered is slightly harder then the previous one and builds on your newly learned skills. You will start by making something as simple as a mood lamp and end up making things like distance detectors, strength gauges, and audio visualizers with your own hands.

Creation Crate is recommended for anyone between the ages of 12 – 75.

It costs $29.99 a month and ships worldwide from Canada.

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