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Farming With No Soil With Viscon Hydroponics
Deep Water Culture System
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 08, 2018

Hydroponics is the method of growing plants without soil, using mineral nutrients dissolved in water. Viscon Hydroponics has used this technique to create the planet’s first fully automatic deep water culture system. The company utilizes its expert young plant technology to make hydroponic system successful and effective. The aim of Viscon Hydroponics system is the safe production of fresh crops. It is a closed growing system on deep water. Short cycle like herbs, cabbage and lettuce are grown in deep water using the hydroponics system.

Hydroponic Cultivation has a number of advantages. Viscon Hydroponics cultivates its produce in a greenhouse thus ensuring a safe and controlled environment free of external pollutants. In the hydroponics system there is limited use of pesticides as the environment can be controlled much better. Various disease hazards can therefore be avoided which pesticides may present.


Choosing Viscon Hydroponics gives you the following advantages:

·        Viscon manages & automates the growing of the young plants.

·        Viscon supplies a vital young plant, which will give good results through the entire process.

·        The Viscon system is made up of few parts therefore cleaning it is not a very complicated process.

·        Viscon uses plastic floats, which are easy to clean.

·        The floats have been designed in a way as to keep the product in the correct position, no matter how you place the floats in your basin. Therefore the available surface can be better utilized.

·        Viscon has eliminated the use of traditional soil blocks. The soil block that was once required to be planted in the fields, now require new well thought out and cleaner production methods.

·        In traditional cultivation methods fertilizers often get drained out of the field. But in the hydroponic system the fertilizers stay in the system ensuring better nourishment of crops.

·        The hydroponic system avoids water wastage as it gets rapidly absorbed by the plants and needs to be added frequently. There is no drainage of excess water.

·        The soil doesn’t need processing after every cycle.

·        Crops can be cultivated even in winter as the water is temperature controlled and artificial lighting is used. The floats have an isolating effect on the water, which enables crops to grow during cold periods.

·        The Viscon Hydroponic system is in itself a transportation system because the floating produce can be transported automatically.

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