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The Worlds First Wearable Neckband Camera
A True First Person View with FITT 360
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Apr 01, 2018

Fitt360, simply, is a wearable camera and not only that but it’s the worlds first neckband camera. It is a  hands-free device designed to be comfortable but unnoticeable, so you can wear it daily without obviously filming. This lets you effortlessly record your story in 360, capturing your memories and special moments in first-person point of view.

You no longer have to interrupt a special moment or occasion and ask everyone to pose and smile. Gone are the days when everyone needs to stop and say cheese. Now you just simply hit record put your camera on and partake in the special moments knowing they will be captured forever. And the best part is they are captured from your point of view so you can relive these special moments over and over. Perhaps also capturing moments that you hadn’t even realized at the time.

FITT360 is not just a camera though. You can also live stream what you are seeing, and the camera is capturing, and share it directly with your social media accounts in real time. People can watch you on their mobiles or with VR headsets. The built in GPS can also track where you are filming and put it on the map so you can create your own personal street view.

Should you have no need to film but can’t for example use your hands at the moment the FITT360 can also act as headset which connects to your phone via Bluetooth. So you can also answer calls or listen to music.

The FITT360 has three full HD cameras built into capture your surroundings with a battery run time of 90 minutes. The FITT360 mobile app normalizes the clips and auto stitches them together while minimizing shakes making them viewer friendly and VR ready. When you want to export your videos you can do so in either 360 view or 2K photo/video.

The camera is super lightweight, easy to use, and allows you to turn it on and off without having to go through the app.  It also comes in three different colors (red,black, and white) and in different sizes.

This wearable camera is now available on Indiegogo for preorder. Only a pack of 2 is available for $782 USD.

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