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Playful Tennis Balls - Catch Them When You Can!
Clearing The Courts At One Go.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 31, 2018

After a long hard session of tennis what we usually want to do is laze around with a cool drink in our hands or hit the showers. But instead we have to spend some time picking up and collecting the tennis balls strewn all over the court. It can be quite a tedious job requiring a bit of time and effort. But what if instead one ball at a time you could collect 60 or even more? With a variety of ball collectors available in the market, courts can now be cleared in a jiffy.

Here are the top four best tennis ball collectors available in the market.

1)   The Brad - The BRAD has a collection unit resembling a shovel on wheels. The collection unit has a double walled design. The caster housed in the front is shaped in such a way that it can easily glide along nets and fence lines picking up balls effortlessly! It can pick up around 100 balls at a go.

2)   Kollectaball - Kollectaball has a wide range of tennis ball collectors suitable for every need and budget. The Kollectaball range of tennis ball collectors are light, simple to use and easy to store. The collected balls can be easily dispensed into trolleys. The whole unit can be hung on a fence and easily glides over all kind of surfaces.  They can collect around 60 tennis balls at a time Given below are the various models with the prices


·        Kollectaball  Max         99.99$

·        Kollectaball  CS60       169.95$

·        Kollectaball  CS40       64.95$

·        Additional Ball cage    50.00$

3)    The Tennibot-The Tennibot is the next generation of tennis ball collectors. It is a robotic unit which clears up the court while you play, eliminating the need for any personal effort on your part. It can run for 5 hours on a single charge and can be synced with your mobile, enabling you to control it from afar. It works splendidly on both clay and hard surfaces and can pick up around 80 balls at a time.

4)    Gather My Balls- Gather My balls is a portable and light tennis ball collector which can fit right into the trunk of your car. It is completely automatic and is pretty fast. It can collect around 50 balls at a go. The unloading height can be adjusted according to the user’s need.

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