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Camping Fun For Everyone
The OPUS Camper is Your Home Away From Home
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 30, 2018

The OPUS Camper is not your average tent or camping caravan. Taking the OPUS out with you on a camping adventure is hardly roughing it even if you do tow it with you. There are several clever features found within that make the OPUS special. So special that it is probably one of the most comfortable camping experiences you could have.

First of all the OPUS can be used through all four seasons. They have watertight protection, are fully insulated, and the heavy duty polycotton canvas is designed to withstand all the elements.  It is lightweight and easily towable.

On the inside the OPUS has been finished to the highest quality. it provides all the comfort of home. There are two soft double beds with their own private interior tents at each end of the tents body. A plush leatherette seating area surrounds a dining table for meals with family or friends, that can also be converted into a third double bed. 

A fully functioning kitchen including fridge, sink, and microwave with stainless steel sink and running water, and two gas hobs. There is a portable toilet, electric heating and 12v & 240v electrics. 

The ceiling is 2.5 m tall and include skylights, windows, and lighting and suddenly you have a very light and spacious area that 6 adults could easily sleep in. What more does one need?

The standard Opus can sleep up to 6 people, but you shouldn’t have to leave good friends behind so there is also the option to sleep up to ten when you purchase the optional AIR awning. 

The Air Awning is not the only additional option you can purchase. There are lots of luxury customization possibilities from the mattress toppers, to the sound system, and even the color of your camper the choice is yours.

For details on cost you will need to contact Opus Camper Directly.

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