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Hassle-Free Travel With Fugu Luggage
Expandable Suitcase For Every Need.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Apr 02, 2018

Travelling can get unnecessarily hectic if you have to lug around a ton of luggage. One suitcase is hardly ever enough for holding everything. Also, some of us are avid shoppers who like to bring back souvenirs for friends and family. Though we have advanced technologically, one thing that has remained more or less the same is our luggage. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

 FUGU LUGGAGE has brought to you the suitcase of the future. It starts out as a normal sized suitcase. But it can be expanded based on the need of the traveler. The Fugu luggage has been made to measure complying with standard airline guidelines. It can expand from maximum carry o size to maximum check-in size in minutes. It has the following features and specifications:

§  Built-in shelves that can be attached or collapsed at any time, thereby turning your suitcase into a mini wardrobe. No more packing and unpacking you belongings. No more crumpled and creased clothes. Everything remains neat and tidy with the minimum amount of effort on your part.

§  Height and width ideal for use as a portable table. Perfect for use as a laptop stand, makeup dresser, reading desk etc.

§  A removable laptop case, doubling as a laptop stand. Its custom made and can fit into or on the suitcase and can be used for storing your laptop and personal things. You have the option to use the case as a carry on or check it in.

§  Flying often requires vacuum packing of certain items. The pump used for inflating the FUGU luggage can also be used to deflate vacuum bags. 

§  The FUGU LUGGAGE does not weigh much more than the average suitcase. The inflatable walls and extra handle, add just a few hundred grams.

§  It’s made of plastic, making it light and portable.

§  Spinner wheels enable you to easily drag along the FUGU suitcase and also to turn it 360 degrees.

§  The FUGU luggage can be inflated by pressing a button in order to activate the built-in electric pump, by externally attaching a regular air pump or by breathing into an external tube.

FUGU luggage can very well change the way you travel. No more multiple check-ins, no extra baggage charges. Just pack everything into your FUGU luggage and you’re ready to go!

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