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NOW IN TECH: Google is building its own laptop, and security is the key
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Mar 29, 2018

1. Google is building its own laptop, and security is the key 

When the team behind Google's Chrome OS software and Chromebooks start to reinvent the laptop, it quickly bought a fresh perspective in the field of security.” On Chrome OS, we were like, 'We control all the pieces. We can do better,'" said Will Drewry, a principal software engineer for Google's devices. The team wanted to build something that would fit this generation's needs, as well as address the rising crop of threats facing PCs.

2. Ecuadorian is cutting off Assange’s Internet 

The Ecuador Government is accusing founder of WikiLeaks and frequent Twitter user Julian Assange for violating an agreement with the country not to interfere in its relations with other countries. Assange has lived in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for six years. He says he faces arrest and the possibility of extradition if he leaves the building. 

3. Netflix and YouTube streaming video is going to be much faster 

Tech's biggest companies -- including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Cisco and Netflix -- have completed the first version of video compression technology called AV1, and now they're ready to apply it to speed up your streaming video. That means, your Netflix and youtube will get a lot faster than before. 

4. Boeing is in danger after catching up a virus

Boeing caught the WannaCry virus on Wednesday and raise concerns over its safety. The infection was revealed in a memo sent by Mike VanderWel, chief engineer at Boeing Commercial Airplane production engineering, who called for "all hands on deck”.

5. Apple is giving Chicago schools a new iPad

Apple unveiled a new version of its iOS-powered tablet at its education event in Chicago. "Macs and iPads are used throughout schools by students for everything from music to language arts and even advanced robotics," Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the event. The new Pad is hoping to compete with Google Chromebook, a tabloid that many consider will replace iPads in the future. 

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