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Hunting Days Just Got Better With Ultraskiff
Your Personal Watercraft.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 28, 2018

The Ultraskiff is a first of its kind 360 round boat made for people who enjoy fishing, hunting and spending their time on the water. It redefines the way that you fish by getting you closer than ever to the water surface, while maintaining balance and safety.

The Ultraskiff has the following specifications and features

3 Deep, Wide, Elevated Storage Compartments (The opened doors are usable as cutting boards)  Each door as 2 access slots used for supplying wires, anchor/dock lines and hoses into the compartments when the doors are closed. Cables and wires can be kept away from the deck by feeding them through the access slots. Each door has a bungee latch that can be tightened and adjusted anytime.  

 1 Battery Compartment which holds up to 31 Deep Cycle Batteries

4 Large Cup Holder/Utility Pockets

4 - 5” Cleats with threaded inserts underneath, which can be replaced with external rod holders or fish finders. 

4 - Bottom utility inserts placed in recessed disks at 4 corners of the hull bottom, used to mount magnets, brackets, and plates for transducers and pumps.  

1 Molded Tow Ring that usable as an anchor push pin holder.

2 Deep mold-in handles underneath the flare for moving the boat by hand.  

8 strap guides, placed around the craft for securing the boat to roof racks trailers, RVs etc.

6 Rod Holders, equally spaced for building custom duck blinds, tents, sun shades and anything else out of 1 1/4" PVC. 

6 Skegs for tracking and Hull protection.

1 Bumper/Rollbar for protection when rolling, sliding or impacting a dock or piling. 

1 Strategically positioned flare on the bow that prevents water splash while getting the boat through and over large swells. 

1 Drainage canal for draining of water around the ring of the pedestal mount and through the main tunnel access at the back. Hoses and wires can be fed through the main tunnel and into or underneath the pedestal mount through the shock absorber hose.  

2 Removable stainless steel Transom Plates.

2 Circle Magnets, one for the deck and the other for Hull Installation.  

Ultraskiff Patented Detachable Pedestal Mount

 The Ultraskiff is priced at 1499$ for the model with the detachable pedestal and 1625$ for the Ultraskiff 360 with Adjustable Standard Seat Package

and the Adjustable Casting Seat Package. Here is the link for purchasing the Ultraskiff:   
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