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Six April Fool’s Day Gag Gifts and Pranks
April Fools Pranks and Gadgets
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Mar 28, 2018

April Fools Day is just around the corner and this is the best time to Prank all those people be it friends or colleagues. It is one of the best days of the year where people are being pranked for some activity and what if you could do the same with the gadgets.

1. Shocking Digital Camera Gag 

This awesomely mean Digital Camera Shocking Gag looks just like a modern day point-and-shoot, but is actually a concealed prank. Hand the camera to a friend and tell them to just puch the button on the back to turn on the camera, they would be greeted with an electric shock. However, make sure you have something to defend yourself; otherwise you’ll land in a serious trouble. You can buy this little prankster from Amazon or just $6.73.   

2. Toilet Monster Bathroom 

This Toilet Monster, or Bog Monster, is a beautiful prank to play on your roommates or the women in your life who keep complaining about the toilet seat being left up. The Toilet Monster suctions to the toilet seat. It is shocking and funny as it scare users away with frightful screams and gestures. Get it for $29 from ebay store.

3. Plug Mug 

It is designed for annoying co-workers who try to use the mug without your permission. This coffee mug has a detachable plug on the side of it and when someone decides to use your mug, without informing you, it will simply leak all the liquid out of its hole. Simply, use Plug Mug to unplug their drink off coffee, which would flow down their clothes of course. This annoying gadget costs $32 from Amazon store.

4. Puzzle Toilet Paper

If a guest is planning to visit your house on April 1, this toilet paper puzzle makes him to poop even more difficult. Yes, you heard it right. Unless you will not solve the puzzle, the tissue is not coming out from the roll. Your guests are sure to howl with laughter once they get the job done. 

5. Tentacuddle Wrap 

ThinkGeek played a few tricks on their shoppers on April fool’s day. From a joke, the company has made this product real. Tentacuddle Wrap, a handmade comfortable wrap that hugs your body with the center tentacle, while the “outer ones just provide additional awesome.” They're all handmade, and they're priced at $39.99 from the company site.

6. Bicycle Horn of Gondor 

Meet the Bicycle Horn of Gondor (also known as the Great Bicycle Horn). Whether you’re heading into battle or a crowded sidewalk, you need this bicycle horn of Gondor! The retailer says it's "fashioned after the horn carried by the eldest sons of the Stewards of Gondor throughout the ages." It is designed to fit handlebars from 19-26mm and releases a massive 110 decibel horn no one will be able to ignore. Purchase this directly from Think Geek site for $30. 

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