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Sonic Soak Makes Everything Cleaner Than It’s Ever Been
A New Way to Clean
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 29, 2018

Sonic Soak it the ultimate ultrasonic cleaning tool. It is revolutionizing the way things are cleaned, what is cleaned, and how it cleaned. Sonic Soak uses ultrasonic waves to clean at a microscopic level. It generates ultrasonic sound waves in the water to create unstable bubbles. The bubbles hit the surface of whatever it is you wish to clean and then implodes which creates a vacuum that sucks the dirt away. A half hour cycle creates about 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to blast its way through tough stains.

Basically, anything you can put into water with Sonic Soak can be washed. And because it can clean even the smallest things, or whatever the washing machine can’t, just imagine the possibilities. Hand wash only fabrics, baby items, silverware, toys or figurines, watches, lingerie and lace, personal hygiene tools, razors, glasses, fruits, vegetables and so much more!

Besides its ability to get things microscopically clean there are several other benefits. For example, Sonic Soak is eco-friendly. It uses only 10% of the energy that a washing machine does and only 2% of the water. It is super light and small (the size of an iphone) which makes it portable, the perfect gadget for a person on the go. And what could be more convenient then no more hand-wash or dry cleaning? The Sonic Soak is ideal for frequent travelers, neat freaks or those who just want things clean.

It is extremely easy to use and in 4 easy steps you can have things cleaner then you ever imagined. First fill a container with water, then plug in the wall unit and place the sonic soak in the container. Add the desired detergent, set the timer and press start. That’s all it takes to become cleaner then ever before.

You can buy the Sonic Soak for $125 USD

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