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Travel Light. Travel With Baubax
The multi-utility jacket
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
May 07, 2018

Whether you travel for work or pleasure, it is always sensible to travel as light as possible. Lugging around heavy bags while you are on the move can be a tedious ordeal. This stands especially true if you are a frequent flyer. While trying to fit in all the necessary items into our hand baggage, we almost always forget something or the other. The BAUBAX 2.0 can be a solution for all of these problems.

The BAUBAX 2.0 packs in 25 features without compromising on style! Seems impossible? Well it’s not.

A BAUBAX 2.0 jacket can hold:

1.     A built in inflatable neck pillow, tucked into the hood. It can be inflated and deflated, quickly and easily owing to the innovative valve technology.

2.     An eye mask built inside the hood.

3.     Built-in gloves that slide in and out of the sleeves, keeping you warm and cozy while you travel.

4.     An Inflatable Travel Footrest in its own dedicated pocket.

5.     A foldable travel blanket which is incredibly light, but warm.

6.     A foldable BauBax Travel Bottle that can be stored in a pocket or hung from your trouser belt loops using the carabineer.

7.     A pocket for your apple pencil or a pen.

8.     An apple air-pods pocket which perfectly fits your headphones.

9.     Built-in air pod straps to make sure you don't lose your Apple Air Pods if they slip out of your ears,

10.  A power bank pocket placed right below the phone pocket to carry your portable battery bank/charger. This will let you charge your phone without taking it out of your jacket pocket.

11.  sunglass pocket

12.  A passport pocket.

13.   A tablet pocket.

14.  A retractable keychain with a carabineer making it impossible for you to lose your keys again.

15.  A bottle opener cum whistle.

16.  A drink pocket.

17.  The pen cum stylus zipper.

18.  A secret pocket.

19.  Hand warming pockets.

20.  Detachable hood.

21.  Earplugs.

22.   Wired earphone holders.

23. A microfiber cloth.

24.  Water Proof.

25.  Water Repellant.

It is available in four different styles; vest, sweatshirt, bomber, and windbreaker, for both men and women. The BAUBAX 2.0 has been launched on Kickstarter and is currently accepting pledges starting from 129$ going up to 999$. The product has crossed its goal and will receive funding from the 15th of April 2018. To make your pledge visit   

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