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NOW IN TECH: Senate summons Facebook, Twitter, and Google for data privacy
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Mar 27, 2018

1.Senate summons Facebook, Twitter, and Google for data privacy 

While Baidu CEO Li Yanhong claims that Chinese would trade privacy over efficiency, US Senate Judiciary Committee is summoning Google, Facebook, and other Tech giants for potential data leak. Facebook has been accused for allegedly leaking millions of users’ information. CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized last week for misuse of data and and vows that Facebook would collaborate over any possible investigation. Google didn’t response yet to the group meeting with the Senate, but global concerns over data leak spiked after Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal over privacy. 

2. Uber is selling its business in Southeast Asia

Taxi-hailing company Uber has agreed to sell its Southeast Asian business to bigger local rival Grab, according to an announcement made on Monday. This is Uber’s second retreat from Asia. The company is facing a lot of competition with high labor costs and tariffs. 

3. Spotify is making money, a lot

The world largest music streaming service Spotify made an announcement today that its revenue is very likely to grow 20-30% this year. The company made a major growth after its initiatives to sell more gears for customers together with its music streaming services. The company is now the biggest competitor for Tech giant Apple who also started its music services years ago. 

4. China’s smartphone maker OPPO is fighting over Indian market

Chinese smartphone maker OPPO is planning a major flash sale to begin its ambitious plan in India. The company, who learns from its competitor Xiaomi, was hoping to make a similar jump in its revenue through profits gained outside of China. Xiaomi through its large-scale flash sales, were able to beat up Samsung, a Korean smartphone producer who have hold the crown for years in Indian market. Similar to OPPO, an increasing number of Chinese companies are looking for opportunities in India and Southeast countries. 

5. 1 billion euros were stolen, and we finally learned who had done it

Spanish police have arrested the suspected leader of a gang who had conducted a cyber crime causing the lost of up to 1 billion euros. Police said the group has been operating since 2003, and hacked more than hundreds of bank systems. The group is now under further investigation.  

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