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Duayen Paint System
Indestructible Paint
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 25, 2018

The Duayen Spray System can be used in so many applications, because it is so versatile, that we won’t be able to list them all.  We can tell you though that it can be used on concrete, steel, wood, metal, plastic, tar, glass, tiles, geo-textiles, non-woven fabrics, polyurethane, and the list goes on. It is used mostly in the construction and in aviation sectors. It provides an anti-rust coating for all steel or metal constructions as well as the insulation of bridges tunnels and pipelines. It can also be used for industrial water-proofing such as farms, parking houses, and the shipping industry. Think anything from balconies, and roofing, industrial flooring, refineries, water purification systems, to asbestos encapsulation, mineral industry, mines, oil platforms, bridges, tunnels and so on.

It can be applied very quickly and only a thin layer is needed. A 2 mm thin layer is enough to become waterproof. Once it dries it takes the shape of its object and is long lasting. It can last anywhere from 25-50 years. It is chemical resistant so don’t try washing it off and is extremely resistant to abrasions so there aren’t any joints or cracks – try hitting your object with a sledgehammer. See what happens? Nothing. 

You can apply it at any temperature (0 – 45°C) and even when the air is humid. It even
has excellent thermal shock resistance (-40°C - +200°C). This paint can be walked on 35 seconds after application which is useful when having painted a professional environment and can be driven on an hour after applying it.

Using this paint increases the durability of the object being painted. It is almost like a protective force field. 

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