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Leisuwash Leibao 360 Car Wash System
The Newest Touchless Carwash
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 21, 2018

The 360-car wash system by Leisuwash Leibo has raised the standard for touchless car wash systems. The smart 360 technology that is used allows the machinery to think for itself which optimizes the wash process. This faster wash keeps customers happy and the increase in vehicles also keeps the owner of the car wash happy.  Not only can more vehicles be washed but lower utility and energy usage, and less labor, cut costs.

The 360 Car Wash System has a unique pre-wash high pressure water 90bar which effectively removes dirt on the vehicles chassis, sides and wheels. Then the smart 360 rotating arm sprays the car with chemicals with the exact necessary amounts, cost saving on materials. The smart arm can rotate a full 360 degrees and will then rinse the entire car within 28 seconds. It will automatically detect the size of your car saving up to 50% of water and 60% electricity.

The thick foam created is a special shampoo which helps to really mix with the dirt and be fully rinsed off making the paint color appear brighter and lighter. It is non-corrosive for the car paint, wheels, tires, and glass. If soft water is used the shampoo and wax can be absorbed into the body, creating a protective film which makes the paint more durable and more beautiful. The protective film protects against harsh elements such as acid rain, pollution, and UV erosion.

The 360 car wash has a unique fast air-drying system by minimizing the created wind as it reaches the cars body, while more traditional fans try to increase the speed.

All aspects of this system have been optimized as maximizing revenue is the main focus for its creators. This makes it the industry’s leading return on investment car wash. For more details such as cost please contact Leisuwash directly.

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