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3D Printed Homes Could End Housing Shortage
Icon and New Story Want to End Global Homelessness
Camilla Zallka
By Camilla Zallka
Mar 25, 2018

Far from being one of the usual brick and mortar companies of today, Icon is a construction company making a difference by revolutionizing home building. They have partnered with a company called New Story, a non-profit organization who are “working to create a world where no human has to live in survival mode”. 

Together, in March 2018 they printed the first permitted 3D printed home in America. They printed this with a prototype of their mobile printer, which is different from other 3D printed constructions because normally they are printed in a warehouse. Then the pieces are brought to the building site and put together there.  It is this mobile printer that will be used to build new homes in the developing world.

The first home that was printed was printed out of cement and future homes will be too. It is single story and 650 square feet, but the printer can print up to 800 square feet. It can take anywhere from 12-24 hours to print, as opposed to the usual long amount of time it would take to build it the normal way and at a fraction of the cost. The house has a living room, bedroom, bathroom and porch. Currently one house costs $10,000 USD to build but ICON is working on bringing the cost down to $4,000 USD.  The printer is designed to work with almost zero waste and in less then favorable conditions such as limited power and water.

ICON and New Story plan to move the mobile printer to El Salvador and start by constructing a community of 100 homes. This could very well be the answer to the global housing shortage as these homes are providing sustainable, safe, and affordable housing - quickly.

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