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Five Car Gadgets You Need for Safe Drive
Enjoy more easier driving experience
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Mar 21, 2018

Your car safety is not something that should be treated lightly. While driving a car on daly basis, you should always keep your safety in mind. One of the best solutions is to get equipped with latest car gadgets. There are various types of car gadgets available in the market and if you are unable to figure out which ones to buy, check out these five car safety gadgets that will make you feel much more confident on your next ride:

1. Navdy – Heads Up Display & GPS Navigation 

The Navdy heads-up display will totally change the way you drive. It displays all vehicle-related information that is seen on the dashboard. Navdy works by integrating smartphone-style hardware with integrated storage, GPS, and driver-facing camera functionality— and then a flip-up see-through display. It is easy to set up. You control it through gestures and a rotary dial that straps to your steering wheel. For example, you can use natural hand gestures to answer a Call and get messages with a wave of your hand. The company claims the idea behind this product is to reinvent the driving experience and to make driving something you Look Forward to again. Purchase it from ebay for $493

2. Blind Spot Mirrors 

Blind spot mirrors ensure safe driving for your car or truck. Ampper Blind Spot Mirror enhances your view in a car and makes it wider as it features a 360 degree rotational ability along with a 30 degree sway. The Ampper mirrors are convex and very user-friendly because it comes with swivel mounting bracket that eases the installation process. The frameless, waterproof and rust resistant is one of the best blind spot mirrors and works for cars, SUVs, RVs and Vans.  It is very lightweight and can be purchase from Amazon store for just $8.

3. PapaGo GS330 Car DVR Dashboard Camera 

 This Car DVR Dashboard Camera simply records your trips and assist you driving. It features a Full HD 5MP sensor and a 142-degree wide viewing angle to capture crisp, vivid 1280x720 @30fps HD video. One of the advantages of this product is that in case of an unhappy event (read crash), the recorded footage can be shown to insurance company as proof for identifying accident liability. It can be also used to record trips for fun and is easy to mount and un-mount from the windshield holder. It can be purchased from Newegg store for $135.

4. CG Lock Racing Harness Safety Lap Belt Tightener 

CG-Lock is one of the must-have car gadgets that easily clips to your vehicle’s seatbelt and adds several major benefits. It is designed for sports driving and especially great for people who ride or drive with a "bad back”. The CG-Lock holds your hips securely so you sit straight and your back is against the lumbar support of the seat. This means it significantly improves your seat belt to add comfort, enhanced safety, reduced muscle fatigue and better driver control. It can be purchased from ebay store for $60.  

5. Esky Waterproof License Plate Rear Camera

This rearview camera is one of the essential products that help drivers to save from reversing accidents. Esky waterproof license plate rear camera can be mounted anywhere on the reverse side of your car and provide a full view of everything behind your car, in darkness or in daylight. It comes fitted with 7 infrared LED lights, that assist the camera when lighting conditions would be inadequate for most regular cameras. Get this product for $20 from Amazon.  

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