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NOW IN TECH: Uber terminates self-driving cars after first pedestrian fatality
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Mar 23, 2018
1. Uber terminates self-driving cars after first pedestrian fatality 

The ride-hailing company and currently a unicorn ranked the top in valuation announced that it will halt all of its self-driving cars after killing a female pedestria in Arizona last Sunday. Police says Uber is now assisting in investigation. CEO Dara Khosrowsahi tweeted his condolence regarding the woman’s death and said that Uber will mobilize all possible resources to help with the investigation. 

2. IBM is building a new voice assistant to fight against Amazon

IBM is developing a new visual assistant in response to Amazon’s launch of “Alexa” a year ago. The Tech Giant expects to put this new assistant into more public use instead of a Siri-like home guidance. 

3. Facebook apologized for making a “mistake”

Five days after silence and mounting criticizing tweets, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally apologized over its role in Cambridge Analytic scandal and misuse of personal data. The 936-word post acknowledged that Facebook had made mistakes and let down of users’ trusts.

4. Siri has a problem in iOS 11, and Apple wants to fix it

iOS11 is considered one of the worst update anyone can ever experience. A newly discovered Siri bug allows anyone to access hidden notifications on a device’ lock screen simply by asking Siri to read them aloud. Apple is now aware of the problem and said it will fix that issue with a new update soon. 

5. Even doorbells can be smart

Assa Abloy affiliate August recently announced its newly developed DIY doorbells and door-locks. This new device not only allows people to see who is in front of the camera, but also inspect in a smart way with the compatible Amazon virtual assistant Alexa. Through a phone, people can monitor anyone near their doors anytime. 

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