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The Ideal Parenting Solution - The Portable Playpen
Pop 'N Go Is The New Cool.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 24, 2018

Taking care of children can be a tedious job. Whether you are already a parent or expecting to be one, then you must be on the lookout for a way to keep your kids safe and engaged. It is not possible to leave a child alone even for a few minutes. But with the Pop 'N Go portable playpen, you can enjoy a moment of peace without compromising on your kid’s safety.

The Pop 'N Go, is an innovation in the field of baby and child accessories. The Pop 'N Go is the lightest, safest, and most convenient portable playpen in the world. It is foldable and can be easily carried around. The Pop 'N Go has a reinforced fiberglass frame, which makes it up to 50% lighter than other similar products without giving up on quality. It's has a tightly woven durable weave-mesh around all it on all sides for comfort and breathability. Its unique design makes it the strongest and most durable playpen available on the market. The Pop 'N Go’s patented "pop up" and "release" technology allows set up and pack up within a few minutes and with the minimum amount of effort. The Pop 'N Go also has an included UV shade cover to protect the little ones from the harmful rays of the sun and a self-inflating mattress for extra comfort padding. When it’s open the Pop’N Go is 52 inches wide and 41 inches high. It weighs just a meager 7 lbs. 

  It can carry absolutely any weight because it touches the floor when someone is inside owing to the flexible strap that connects to the frame. Therefore the Pop 'N Go can easily fit an adult with a child or two to three children. The Pop 'N Go comes with its own carry bag with attached shoulder straps which makes it extremely easy to carry around and store. You can practically carry it everywhere with you. Whether it’s the beach, the park, a hiking expedition, camping trip or a birthday party, the Pop 'N Go will be available for the entertainment of the children. 

Order the Pop 'N Go and add some fun your kid’s life. Our product will retail in stores for $149 - $199, but early bird incentives will be provided to our Kickstarter backers, with discounts of up to 35%. Get yours today!

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