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Google Radar Smart Watch Is The New Cool
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Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 20, 2018

Smart watches are something of a fad nowadays. A couple of well-known brands have come out with smartwatches and most of them more or less boast of the same features. Well, the Google smartwatch with radar control definitely stands out amongst the rest owing to one key feature. It can be controlled with the just the snap of your fingers, literally!

The Google Smart watch with radar technology is a unique device. It is embedded with a tiny radar chip which enables you to control your smart watch without actually touching it. The chip known as a Soli chip converts the gestures you make with your hand into radar signals enabling you to operate the controls of the watch from a distance. It is quite a revolutionary piece of technology and was developed by the ATAP, which stands for Advanced Technologies and Projects, which is a division within Google.

The project is led by Ivan Poupyrev, who considers it just the beginning for the utilization of radar technology. According to Poupyrev Soli is "basing this language on the metaphors which are already established in the world. We're borrowing this language from physical controls." Those controls are the dial (rubbing your finger and thumb together as though you're twisting a toothpick), the button (tap your thumb and finger together), and the slider (slide your thumb along your finger).This allows users to use the entire screen of the watch instead of littering it with buttons. That's meaningful on a screen as small as a watch. But apart from that it actually is quite liberating to control a device just by moving you fingers and according to Poupyrev that’s what the future has in store for us.

Poupyrev has a vision and it goes beyond just the smartwatch. He envisions a future where computers are practically everywhere, and he wants people to be able to control them not with buttons and touch screens but with simple gestures and body movements; blurring the lines between the physical and the digital world. His aim towards developing the radar chip was to control computers from a distance. The distance of more than just a few inches; control beyond visibility. The development of the Google Radar smartwatch is just a step towards his ultimate goal, which is to make the technology available to the masses.

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