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The Portable Cooking Solution - Kombuis Portable Cooking Stove
Cook on the move.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 19, 2018

If you are an avid camper, an adventurer or just in need of a lightweight and portable cooking stove, then we have something that will make your life a lot easier. The Kombuis Portable Cooking Set created by Arnaud is an all in one outdoor cooking solution.

The Kombuis Portable Cooking Stove is a small and compact piece of equipment that can fit into the tiniest of spaces and carried around effortlessly by almost anyone. The Kombuis is a rocket stove made of an alloy of magnesium. It consists of a wood stove, a small pot and a pan that also functions as a lit and is fueled by small sticks, twigs and other bio fuels. The stove is very easy to assemble. The stove is nested within the pot and the whole set has four parts. The base of the stove is the largest part of the set with the half grill and a hole on the side. A side tube, which is fixed into place with the slide fits into the hole. The slide fits in to a slot of the half circle ass-plate in the base of the stove and connects to the top of the side tube. The pot-stand fits into the top of the base. The set can be used in three ways. There is a pot to cook in and a pan for baking. 

The pan is multipurpose and also functions as a lid. The whole set runs on only natural materials and requires no electricity, batteries or fans. The Kombuis has been designed in a way as to utilize the airflow which is generated and pushed under the burning fuel, making the fire burn hotter as more and more oxygen is sucked in. The wall of the Kombuis rocket stove is insulated therefore creating a channel of hot air at the top of the stove. This makes the cooking process faster and much more fuel efficient.

 The Kombuis rocket cooking set was launched via Kickstarter in order to raise the €30,000, required to get it into production. The website is currently accepting round two early bird pledges for the Kombuis rocket cooking set which is priced at €80.  Worldwide shipping is expected to start from July 2018.The first round of early bird pledges which was priced at €75 is already sold out!

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