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5 Travel Gadgets You Need for Long Flights
Accessories will make your trip smooth and enjoyable
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Mar 13, 2018

If you are travelling for long-haul flight, it is indeed hectic at times. You will not feel comfortable on a plane where the air is dry and the space limited. We have come up with the list of travel accessories that you’ll need for a smooth, enjoyable trip.

1. spAIR Tray Travel Shelf

Want to improve your improve air travel experience? Get spAIRtray that increases your window seat space by 33% and allows you to stay organized during the flight. spAIR Tray Travel Shelf claims it as the world's first window shelf for extra room on most commercial aircraft window seats. It is easy to install and remove, just slides into the window shade track! It also offers more space for phones, drinks and snacks and comes at a price of $25 at Amazon.

2. Retimer Glasses

Batling jet lag on long-haul flights, Re-Timer glasses could be the cure. Re-Timer is a light device which helps you to regulate sleep patterns and is also designed to help your body adjust to a new time zone more quickly. This green light simply helps your body recognize when to be awake and when to sleep. For example, when you travel east you find it more difficult to fall asleep at night, so you should wear the Re-Timer glasses in the morning. Re-Timer comes with a premium embossed travel case, and have a rechargeable battery within the frame. Purchase it directly from official site retimer for $235.

3. Ostrich pillow Loop

For nap enthusiasts, wrap your head in the Ostrich Pillow Loop if you want to completely distract from the surroundings. The most stylish eye pillow providing you a cocoon to disconnect and rest in the blink of an eye, wherever you want, whenever you want. Simply, the super soft, loop covers your eyes for a comfortable, blackout rest. It’s easy to travel with as it’s lightweight and smaller than their previous nap products. The Ostrich Pillow Loop is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter and is slated to come in June 2018. 

4. Soarigami Airplane Portable Armrest Extender/Divider 

Whenever you find yourself fighting for valuable armrest space, this portable armrest extender solves the problem. for armrests. Soarigami Airplane Portable Armrest Extender/Divider is a folding device that doubles the area of an armrest, clipping onto a seat (such as airplanes, buses, movie theaters, etc.) to give users on either side their own space. The origami-inspired design makes the device thin and sleek, perfect for any savvy traveler's carry-on, making it one of the best travel accessories for business trips and long flights. Purchase this product from Soarigami’s website or $30.  Take Soarigami, the most unique travel gadget, with you on your next trip!

5. Foot Rest Airplane Portable Travel Footrest 

Travel Footrest for Airplane is your ultimate travel accessories package. It can be used in long-distance airway and also for office, school, bus or train. The lightweight footrest is durable and also come with a tiny bag. Made with high quality fabric to withstand heavy amounts wear and tear, it also includes Also included one inflate neck pillow, one eye mask and two ear plugs for your next trip. Overall, for the price which was less that $10 in online stores. 

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