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NOW IN TECH: UN probe puts Facebook in trouble
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Mar 16, 2018

1. UN probe puts Facebook in trouble 

UN fact-finding mission chairman Mazuki Darusman said Monday social media, especially Facebook, has played a “determining role” in a recent turmoil in Myanmar.  Facebook admitted the difficulty in tackling hate speeches and claimed to have removed more than 66,000 posts on a weekly basis. UN investigators believe Facebook is helping spread hatred in a possible genocide situation. After victory of Trump’s presidency, criticism over influence of social media is on rise. 


2. Bose’s AR glasses can teach you French

New AR sunglasses made by Bose now allows users to track locations through audio. Unlike Google glasses which everything is provided through visual images, this new AR sunglasses give instructions through sounds. Currently, the built-in system is only available in French but Bose hopes to expand it to more regions worldwide. Have a GPS, learn French, and look cool, maybe knowledge is the new trend this year. 


3. More Tech giants are providing healthcare for its employees

Following the step of Amazon, Apple has launched its new healthcare center for its employees and their dependents. The healthcare system, tilted “AC Wellness Network”, provides employees with major discounts and improved services. Besides employees’ happiness, analysts believe that Tech giants establish those healthcare centers as a way to collect more data for research purposes. Some data may lead to future ground-breaking products. 


4. Snapchat lost $1.3 billion after 1 Kylie Jenner tweet

Kylie Jenner, who has 24.5 million followers on Twitter, fired a bullet against Snapchat last Wednesday by asking if anyone still use this APP. Snapchat has experienced some major turmoil since last months. More than 100 engineers were laid off and the company continues to be questioned by investors. Snapchat is a social networking app who refused to be acquired by Facebook,  and now suffers from major operational difficulties as a startup. 


5. Want to retract messages sent an hour ago? WhatsApp can do it

Popular messaging app WhatsApp recently announced its new feature allowing users to delete their messages sent by mistakes. Previously, users had only 7 minutes to retract those messages, but now the company has extended to 4096 seconds. The new feature now only available on IOS and hopefully to be available on Android soon. Sending wrong messages to the wrong person can be a daunting experience, but this new feature can be your life saver. 

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