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Going The Green Way - Cleantec Infra
A step towards a cleaner environment
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 12, 2018

Pollution is one of the biggest challenges which every country has to face today. Some places are more polluted than others, but the problem exists everywhere. Proper waste management and keeping the environment clean is a mean feat considering thousands of tons of waste is generated almost very second. The governments and even private corporations invest huge sums of money in order to ensure that waste is collected and disposed off in a manner so as to minimize pollution. Recycling and composting are some of the methods employed for proper regeneration of waste materials. In spite of that tons of waste ends up in the water bodies, soil and beaches, causing great harm to the environment and the organisms living in it…which of course include us humans.

Cleantec Infra is a global company which was launched in the year 2009 with the sole purpose of creating a cleaner and greener environment. Cleantec Infra uses world class technology to ensure proper maintenance of the surroundings by mechanizing the cleaning process and ensuring proper waste handling. By performing these functions Cleantec Infra ensures better maintenance of public and private infrastructure. Cleantec Infra offers the following services:


Weed harvesting

Cleaning of weeds like algae and other plants that may negatively affect the water’s ecology by using up dissolved oxygen in the water and thus affecting the life of other water based organisms such as fishes.


Trash Skimming

Collection of floating trash such as plastic bottles, plastic bags and religious waste with the help of floating trash skimmers thus cleaning up the surface waste from various water bodies.

Dredging and de-silting

Clearing up ponds, lakes and rivers by clearing up silt depositions thus increasing the water depth and flow. This in turn decreases the chance of flooding. The increased flow of water also helps in the generation of hydroelectricity.


Cleantec Infra employs the best technologies available to deliver cleaning solutions for the modern world thus aiding economic growth and the creation of a better infrastructure for a brighter tomorrow. 

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