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The Invis Mx2 can join pieces of wood together invisibly
Invisible Furniture Joinery
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 12, 2018

Cabinetry and furniture can sometimes loose its appeal when chunky nuts and bolts and joinery are visible. Then on top of that there is all that additional work to cover them up with paint or stains, or by using glue, and patching up holes. Now with the Invis Mx2 the joinery is simply invisible. No extra work and a sleek smooth finish.  Fancy carpentry tricks are a thing of the past.  

It is so simple to use. First you need to drill the necessary holes for the fasteners and then you need to drive the fasteners into the holes. After, match up the fasteners by joining the two pieces of wood together. Then attach the Minimag attachment to the drill to screw the fasteners together from the outside. TA – DA like magic. You have just joined two pieces of furniture together – invisibly. If you ever need to take the pieces of furniture apart again all you need to do is use your drill with the Minimag adapter attached and reverse the drills direction. You can then simply pull the pieces of furniture apart.

All you need for your invisible joinery is included in the Invis Mx2 starter kit and a drill. The starter kit comes with a 20 pack of fasteners, Invis Mx2 joinery uses the usual male and female fasteners but these come with unique earth magnet that securely holds the joints together. It also comes with the Minimag attachment for your drill, the drill bit for the perfect hole every time, a flexible shaft for hard to reach places, the Rasto universal drill jig, and finally blushing and insertion tools.

An Invis Mx2 joint can hold up to 500 lbs of clamping force, which means it can be used on the majority of furniture.

Beautiful bolt free furniture can be yours for only $565 USD.

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