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Aquaforno II: the Swiss army-knife of outdoor cooking
All in one multi-fuel outdoor cooking stove
Tim Rhodes
By Tim Rhodes
Mar 12, 2018

The highly desirable Aquaforno II adds split level grill, rotisserie, smoking hanger, and double insulated lid to the original concept’s feature set which already encompasses a BBQ grill, pizza oven, smoker and water boiler in one collapsible unit.

This new ‘Swiss army-knife’ of outdoor cooking has been received with incredible enthusiasm since it was unveiled at the UK’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show last month.

Not only is it portable and easy to assemble - in just 3 minutes, Aquaforno II cooks anything from a Sunday roast to breakfast pancakes, to paella, with consummate ease. It is the ultimate glamping product and can even cater quickly and efficiently for large groups, e.g. cooking as many as twenty delicious restaurant quality pizzas per hour.

“Aquaforno II is designed to bring people together outdoors,” continues Rhodes. “Whether you’re at a camping site, on the beach, on a fishing expedition or in the garden, it can go where you go and cater for all your outdoor needs”.

The original Aquaforno cooking system won ‘Camping Product of the Year’ in the UK Outdoor Industry Awards 2017, been acknowledged as a top camping product at The Gadget Show Live and featured on The Hairy Bikers’ BBC Northern Exposure cooking series.

Aquaforno II delivers even more versatility than the previous model, which has been delighting campers and glampers, families, adventurers, scout groups, tailgaters, over landers, preppers, barbecue fans and gadget lovers all over the world for over seven years.

You can sit around the Aquaforno to keep warm outdoors, dry wet clothes on it using its handy clip-on hooks and enjoy hot drinks or wash-up via the unique removable dishwasher-friendly kettle that provides a litre of boiling water every six minutes.

The company is encouraging existing and new Aquaforno fans to spread the word about the crowdfunding opportunity online. To learn more about the new Aquaforno II and how you can pre-order and get involved in crowdfunding for this product, please visit here

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