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Five Travel Tech Gadgets You Need For Your Smartphone
From tripods to wireless earbuds to USB cables
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Mar 11, 2018

From tripods to wireless earbuds to USB cables, these travel tech gadgets are essential for travelers and there’s a need to travel with these gadgets for your smartphone. 

1. AUKEY Optic Pro Smartphone Camera Lens


The Aukey Optic Pro is the perfect smartphone camera lens for travel. It is ideal for capturing detailed shots, wide landscapes, travel scenes, and wild selfies. The telephoto lens take photos with shallow depth of field for group shots and distance objects and is easily affixed with perfect alignment to any mobile devices with the included clip- no need to take your phone case off. It also comes with lens clip, carrying pouch, cleaning Cloth, and has 24 month warranty. Purchase it directly for $28.26 on Aukey's website 

2. KobraTech Triflex Mini Phone Tripod with Remote


This mini tripod with a remote shutter works perfect for any smartphone. The compact portable design allows you to take photos up to 30 feet away, and the tripod has compatibility with any smartphone, point and shoot camera and GoPro. The strong flexible legs hold in any situation. It features anti-slip rubber feet for extra stability. It even works as a tablet stand and selfie stick! You can purchase it directly for $18 on KobraTech's website 

3. NOVA True Wireless Earbuds  

The Nova True Wireless is perfect for casual music listening. NOVA gives you the ability to receive calls with a single movement of your hands to your ears, provides a lifeline to your devices in emergency low-battery situations. It lets you charge your devices via the power case. The earbuds are extremely small in size and that truly makes it a wireless experience. The NOVA earbuds are fully charged in about an hour which is at par with the AirPods. For $79, you’re getting a pretty good value.  

4. AmazonBasics Retractable Lighting to USB Cable 

Compact charging and syncing cable for your Apple devices is one of the best travel gadgets out there. It's super compact, inexpensive, and ideal for travel. Whether you're using your laptop, a backup charger, it is perfect to use in your purse or backpack when the cable is stowed or expand expands up to 2 feet in length when in use. Get it for $12.99 on Amazon.

5. Moleskine Smart Writing Set 

Store your travel memories with Moleskine Smart Writing Set. This item, the pen-and-notebook set that enable you to digitally edit and share what you create on paper in real-time without taking a photo, uploading files, or scanning documents. The pen can store 1,000 note pages in its memory. The Smart Writing System features a range of Paper Tablet smart notebooks, the Smart Planner, the Pen+ smart pen and the Moleskine Notes App. You can buy this device from Moleskine, $199. 

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