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Mercedes Benz Klassen VIP Limousine Van -The dual Vehicle
Utility meets luxury
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 18, 2018

Are you a busy professional always on the move? On the lookout for a luxury car? Wondering whether to go for opulence or functionality? Need a car which is big on space without compromising on the luxury factor? Then the Mercedes V klasse VIP Limousine Van Klassen is the perfect vehicle for you!

This Mercedes Benz Klassen Luxury Limousine Van is a fully air conditioned mobile office van that can turn into a luxurious limousine at any time. The Mercedes V Klasse VIP Limousine Van Klassen merges the practicality of a mobile van with the lavishness of a limousine to bring you the ultimate luxury vehicle. The Mercedes V Klasse VIP Luxury Limousine van has a large interior and is equipped with some of the best technology available for the comfort of the passenger. It is a fully armored car, fitted with four ergonomic pure leather seats with multiple luxury settings that can be turned into lounge chairs at the touch of a button. The chairs also have retractable storage spaces at the back and cigar holders built into the armrest. 

The van is fitted with the latest electronic equipment which allows you to easily hold conference calls or video meetings from inside the vehicle itself. Inside the van you will find a 32 inch LED 3D TV, a built-in Playstation III, an espresso machine, retractable tabletops for each chair, and various other gadgets for the ease of the passenger. The lights inside the car can be customized according to the need and the mood of the passenger. The gadgets, the lights and the electronic chairs in the car can be operated with the help of an app that can be installed on an iPhone or iPad. Some f the functions inside the van’s interior can also be controlled via multiple built-in touch screens inside the vehicle. 

There is also a biometric safe fitted inside the vehicle, which enables you to safely stow away any valuable item whilst you travel. The van is entirely soundproof in and out.

The Mercedes V Klasse VIP Limousine Van Klassen is a masterpiece of luxury built for people with class, who want all the features of a private jet inside their vehicle. If you enjoy luxury and are willing to spend for it then this car is certainly the right choice for you!

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