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NOW IN TECH: Alibaba to open a new data center in Indonesia
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Mar 15, 2018

1.Alibaba to open a new data center in Indonesia

Alibaba’s cloud computing unit has opened a data center in Indonesia to train more than 300 local professionals in its cloud certification program in a year. Alibaba said the new data center would support Indonesian government with its plan to generate 1000 startups by 2020. Alibaba said in previous interviews it would open data centers in Indonesia and India as part of efforts to expand its influence in Asia-Pacific. 

2.Don’t put too much faith on unicorn, they might fall like Theranos

Theranos went form one of the most promising unicorn in Silicon Valley to a fraud. Elizabeth Holmes, a dropout from Stanford University, launched the company in 2003 with a goal to provide cheaper and more efficient alternative to traditional medical test. Holmes was made cover of several national magazines as a new generation of female entrepreneurs. But questions over this new testing technology spiked over last year and Holmes now is under investigation for involving in a $700 fraud. While unicorns sound fancy and reassuring, they might rise and fall as quick as firework just like Theranos. 

3.Data can be dangerous

An additional 2.4 million U.S. consumers affected by last year’s massive data breach, making it 147 million in total, according to Equifax. The company’s shares dropped 2 perfect after its announcement. Victims claim their names and driver license’ information were stolen, but the hackers remain unidentified. The breach now is under investigation by US governments. Future lawsuits may face the departed executives at Equifax, according to the company statement. The use of data was warned by many tech tycoons since last year. Hacking and data stealing remain one of the most troubling issues in American tech industry. 

4.Value of cryptocurrencies continue to crumble 

Price of cryptocurrencies saw a sharp slide Thursday amid closer scrutiny and regulation. Goolgle announced Wednesday it will ban all advertising related to cryptocurrencies and binary options. The market value of cryptocurrencies continue to crumble. Analysts worried as regulations tightened. 

5.Tesla is making more flawed vehicle parts than you think

Luxury automaker Tesla is now manufacturing a surprisingly high ratio of flawed vehicle parts, according to several previous and current employees at the firm. Tesla is largely built on efficiency and long working hours. However, with more than 400,000 people reserved the model 3, getting everything done seems to be a mission impossible. Employees indicate that quality is something they have to sacrifice with such high demand in a short period. 

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