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Step In Sock – The Reusable Hands-Free Shoe Cover
The Environments Answer to the Disposable Shoe Cover
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 17, 2018

The Step In Sock is a new patented design that is set to replace the plastic disposable shoe cover. It’s an eco-friendly reusable shoe cover that’s hands free and convenient to use. No more having to touch those dirty blue shoe covers that have been used by so many people before you. No more bending over. Now you can just step onto the Step In Sock and watch it automatically close around your shoe ensuring that wherever you step next will remain clean. It is a great addition to any professional setting.

The outer layer of the Step In Sock is made from a synthetic leather that stays strong and has a great grip to the floor. They are guaranteed not to become slippery over time. The inner layer that one steps on is made from PU another synthetic material which is like that of a rubber glove – it wont harm your shoes and provides a clean waterproof finish. This means a dirty wet shoe can use it just as easily and at the end of the day the Step In sock can be wiped clean. The Step In Sock fits shoe sizes 13 and below and is available in three different exterior colors.

You can now complete your work in confidence as the Step In Sock is securely fastened to your shoe. Unlike those blue shoe covers we have all used, and disliked using, they will not slip off, tear, or make your shoes dirty. The Step In Sock is not a toy and not meant to be played with. Overuse by children having fun could result in a malfunction or the weakening of some springs.

It is so simple to use that there is even the outline of a foot for you to make sure your foot gets the right placement every time. You will never miss a clean step again.

There is currently a waiting list for the product but if you are willing to wait they will cost you $23.99 USD + shipping.

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