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Traveling with your kid just got easier with these gadgets
Because parents too deserve to have some fun.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 15, 2018

When was the last time, you had a fun day out with your little one without any fuss? Is it that difficult to recollect! Then you should definitely have a look at these cool gadgets which will bring back those happy memories, while you can spend some quality time with the baby and your family. Be it while traveling abroad or an outing with the family, these gadgets sure know how to make your life stress-free.

Lotus Travel Crib 

Lightweight. Compact. Easy portability. Just the thing for your next family trip with the baby! This crib can be easily transformed into a sleeping space, playing area or simply a protection zone for your little one at any place. The side access door and the soft mat in the crib lets your child have a fun time while you can relax after an outing. This safe and attractive travel crib is easily affordable at $189.95 and is available at Guava Family 

BedBox by JetKids 

Do airports remind you of crying and annoyed babies? Are you terrified for your next flight with your kid? Then, this BedBox is an ideal catch for both parent and child. The perfect combination of riding, sleeping and carrying, this BedBox comes in a compact shape which can be easily transformed into a sleeping case with leg-rest feature. With enough storage to fit in your child’s teddy and pillow, you can now heave a sigh of relief while the tired little one can finally take a long nap on the BedBox in flight. The price starts at $199 at  JetKids.

Hands-free Shoulder Carrier by SaddleBaby 

If your child enjoys riding on your shoulder when you go out for a walk, then this hands-free shoulder carrier is the one for you. It comes with an adjustable belt worn high on the parent’s chest with ankle cuff to secure the child’s leg. The comfortable saddle seat makes it convenient for both parent and the child to enjoy a safe and fun time outside. Check out the product  here.

Doona Car Seat and Stroller 

You wouldn’t definitely say no to this! This car seat with wheels sits perfectly in your car and keeps your baby safe during the ride. The car seat seamlessly transforms into a stroller, reclining cradle and a hand-held carrier which will ease up your journey even more. The lightweight compact mobility solution comes at around $675 on Amazon.

Pop-Up Booster by Bombol 

Let the little one plonk up and settle in the chair easily while enjoying the morning meal. The Pop-Up booster is a lightweight and easy-to-install seat for kids with a comfortable padded cushion and backrest. This seat can also be placed on adult chairs and would let your child sit among the adult family members. With easy foldability and instant lock features, this Pop-Up booster is the perfect gift for your family and friends with the little one. It is priced at $125 and you may check the details out at its website

Baby Carrier One by BabyBjorn 

Hassle-free. Safe. Durable. No more stress over carrying your baby for outings as you acquire this smart baby carrier for your little one. Whether you carry your baby in front or back, the fully adjustable seat of the carrier comes with sturdy waist support and hands-free feature. While your child sits comfortably and can move their legs freely, you can have a convenient walk without worrying about the baby’s safety. Check out this super cool baby carrier at BabyBjorn

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