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NOW IN TECH: Stephan Hawking dies at 76
Ke Feng
By Ke Feng
Mar 16, 2018

1. Worldly renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has died at 76

Stephen Hawking, an award-winning physicist and influential author, died early Wednesday morning, according to a family spokesman. Hawking is considered one of the best-known theoretical physicist in the 20th century and science’s biggest celebrities since Albert Einstein. His book “A Brief History of Time”, became an International best seller. His appearance in popular TV series Big Bang Theory made him one of the most loved scientist of our time.


2.Google is not happy with Bitcoin, banning their ads since June

Google announced it will ban all advertisements on cryptocurrencies and related financial instruments since June. Google director of sustainable ads Scott Spenser says on Wednesday it will soon remove all ads related to unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges, foreign exchanges, and binary options.This move follows Facebook with an aim to protect consumers from “online scams”. The industry is high risk and is now under heavy scrutiny by US and Europe regulators, according to Google.


3. War has begun, between Walmart and Amazon 

Walmart is making major progress into online grocery delivery. After testing out grocery delivery over 6 US markets in two years, US largest retailer said it will bring the service to more than 100 metro cities in America. The company plans to use about 800 stores for the service and significantly expand its employment. This move follows Amazon’s initiative to enter the delivery service. Two largest retail companies, one online and one offline, who do you think will win the battle? 


4. No more chefs in the restaurant! 3D printer can do it all

Japanese technology company Open Meals released their new product in this year’s SXSW. The new device, which produces edible sushi, will allow users to have an authentic sushi bar experience with a robot-shape printer. All datas on flavor, shape, texture, color, and nutrients of food will be stored in a food base digital platform. People can mix flavors based on their own preferences. Open Meals announced they will soon go public after patent has been approved. While a 3D printed sushi sound fancy and trendy, some people say they still prefer the traditional experience. 


5. Google hopes to save news industry by prioritizing paid news

Google plans to prioritize news articles in search results  for users to have already subscribed to those news outlets, according to Bloomberg report. Google and Facebook have long been criticized by traditional media outlets for “stealing” their content without giving legitimate credit. As readers have increasingly gone online for their news, traditional media outlets suffered from major decline and they choose to blame news aggregation sites like Google or Facebook. This move hopes to turn more readers go back to traditional journalism instead focusing solely on fake news. 

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