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Travel Gear for Kids to Enjoy Stress-Free Vacations
best travel gear for kids to make your life, and theirs, easier and happier.
Aaqib Javeed
By Aaqib Javeed
Mar 10, 2018

Travel can be an enlightening and eye-opening experience for children of all ages. After all, you and your children should enjoy every moment seeing the world and create a lifetime of memories along the way. However, traveling with children can be challenging, as you might fear about several concerns while you’re on a trip. Pick up these best travel gear for kids to make your life, and theirs, easier and happier.


1. Portable Bunk Beds 

Are you concerned about your children when you go camping and they have to sleep on ground. There is now an easy solution to solve those problems with portable bunk beds. Disc-O-Bed's Kid-O-Bunk are portable bunk beds which are perfect for camping, traveling, slumber parties or just lounging around. The portable bunk-beds easily come apart and fit into 2 convenient zippered bags for easy storage and transportation. The kid version is suitable for children up to 5-feet tall and up to 200 pounds. When you’re not using the beds, you can turn the beds into a bench or sofa to sit on. 


2. Micro Maxi Kick Scooter with T-bar


The preferred way to travel for kids ages 5-12 is the Maxi Micro scooter from Kickboard USA.This scooter is designed for a smooth ride and is great for carving your own path on the sidewalk. It has has two options for steering, a T-bar or the Pilot stick. The steering features a curving and carving action that is a little like being on a skateboard but with greater control and maneuverability. The Maxi's steering stick extends from 24in to 36in. You can purchase it from ebay for $166. 


3. Baby Tula's 'Clever' toddler carrier


Baby carriers are perfect for airport transits, short hikes, jumping on public transport, beach walks and anything else you can picture yourself doing on a holiday. Baby Tula's high-quality, stylish toddler carrier is easy-to-use and provides an ergonomically safe and comfortable carry for baby and caregiver. Carry your tiny cool guy or gal with this toddler carrier for long days at the zoo, nature hikes, or an on-to-go nap! You can directly purchase it for $169 from Baby Tula site. 

4. Urbini Omni Plus Travel System- Stroller


Strollers are essential for navigating life with your new baby. And when planning for a vacation with your infant, go with Urbini Omnio. The Urbini Omni Plus is the ultimate all-in-one travel system for toddlers fully equipped with features like a multi-position tilt reclining seat, comfort pads and energy-absorbing foam surround. It is a multi-modal stroller and has a lot of adjustability for the parent pushing it. This stroller is designed for child up to 50 lbs and can be purchased from the official store for $209. 


5. Ride-On Carry-On Suitcase Luggage Chair 

Make trips easier when travelling with the little one by bringing along this ride-on carry-on suitcase. The Ride-On Carry-On is an innovative folding seat that easily attaches to any rolling luggage. You strap your child into the seat as you would with a stroller and you're off. It fits to the back of a rolling suitcase and comfortably seats a child up to five years or 40 pounds (18kg). It can be installed or removed in seconds and is designed to fit all 18-22-inch carry-on luggage. The Ride-On Carry-On is available now for $39.95, or for $69.95 for two.

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