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The Off-Grid Box: The all in one sustainability solution
Enabling an environment friendly life.
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 10, 2018

One of the biggest challenges facing humankind today is the quest to find clean drinking water and a sustainable source of electricity. Globally about 1.8 billion people don’t have access to electrical power and 800 million do not even have a clean source of drinking water. These problems are most acute in remote locales and the areas struck by natural and manmade disasters. Repairing commercial electrical grids struck by calamities can often be an expensive and time-consuming process. Water lines can also get damaged in war torn regions and places hit by earthquakes, floods etc. Contaminated water is one of the biggest reasons for the spread of diseases. A great number of these illnesses can even be life threatening. Setting up a water purification plant can take days and involve a lot of labor and expenditure.


The Off Grid Box is an all in one solution for all the above problems. The Off Grid Box comes equipped with state of the art hardware to provide electricity and clean drinking water to people in need. The Off Grid Box is a revolutionary system which fits perfectly into a 6×6×6 shipping container. The Off Grid Box works in the manner explained below:

The Solar Panel Array

It captures and transforms the Sun’s energy into direct current.

Integrated inverter

The direct current produced by the solar panels is turned into usable electricity by the inverter.

Battery pack

The usable electricity can be used by a commercial grid, local off grid network, building, home, or stored in the internal batteries for future use.

Water Collection System

It collects untreated water with the help of the integrated rain capture system or from external sources such as river, ocean and external tank.

Water Storage Tank

The integrated polyethylene tank stores the untreated water for the cleaning process.

Water treatment system

Some of the electricity generated is used to filter and sterilize the untreated water for distribution when needed.

Pollution and global warming are some of the biggest issues that almost every country in the world must deal with. The Off Grid Box runs on solar power, making it the ultimate eco-friendly device. On top of that, it’s compact and easy to ship, ensuring that it reaches even the most inaccessible of places, with minimum effort.

The Off Grid Box is truly a step towards a greener tomorrow. 

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