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Tiny Egg House For Real – Easy And Sustainable Living For Every Millennial
Portable and Self-Sustainable Living Space
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 09, 2018

You heard it right! As surprising as it sounds, Bratislava-based architects have finally come up with the astonishing egg-shaped tiny living space, which definitely gives a futuristic feel. The firm has decided to sell the initial 50 units to lucky customers who can acquire their very own portable space.

This “smart” living space measures 4.67 x 2.2 m (15 x 7.2 ft) and has a maximum height of 2.5 m (8.2 ft) along with interior floorspace of 8.2 sq. m (88 sq. ft). Fairly light, with an approximate weight of 1,650 kg (3,637 lb.), the tiny egg house comes with a durable outer shell procured from fiberglass and aluminum. The easy sliding door along with a camper van-style interior, tiny bathroom and kitchen have made this portable dwelling quite popular among campers and travelers. The design of the Ecocapsules has enabled them to withstand windy and cold weather effortlessly.

The small unique shape of the Ecocapsule ensures less energy consumption, while generating renewable energy with solar panel array or mounted wind turbines. The off-grid system of the Ecocapsule is yet another method to harness the energy. The Nice architects have also thought about its unique egg-shape; with the egg-like shape, the rainwater can be collected into the water tanks under the floor. The reverse osmosis filters would provide clean water for drinking and cooking. Its sustainable oval design also helps in reducing heat loss. The architects have also tried adding a comfort touch to the Ecocapsule with the oval shape – the extended shape in one end accommodates the kitchen, bed, bathroom, desk and composting toilet.

With a wide range of interesting features, the Ecocapsule is becoming the next eco-friendly smart living dwelling which can be used in remote areas or during camping. Highly economical and environment friendly, this egg shaped tiny house is completely powered by solar and wind energy with no electrical cost.

The first 50 units of Ecocapsule are being sold for 79,990 euros each and are available for buyers from United States, Canada, Australia and European Union.

Next time, when you spot these egg-shaped tiny homes while camping, don’t be startled by these revolutionary dwellings – Ecocapsules are here to stay.

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