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COTODAMA Lyric Speaker Provides A New Music Experience
I am blown away!!!
Camilla Zalka
By Camilla Zalka
Mar 09, 2018

The COTODAMA Lyric Speaker is an award-winning speaker that visualizes the lyrics to the song it is playing on its translucent screen. It can bring new life to your old favorites or make you fall for music you never heard before. It provides its listeners with a whole new musical experience.

Based on the mood of the music the speaker itself will automatically choose the font that the lyrics are displayed in, including the speed and direction with which the font appears, using 3D CG technology.  Lyrics are currently only available in English and Japanese and cannot be translated to other languages. It isn’t light and shouldn’t be considered portable weighing a heavy 11 kg.

The speaker is easy to use and controlled by an app on your smart phone or PC (using the latest versions of iTunes and Spotify). Lyric Speaker works with both iOS, Android. To use make sure that your smart phone is connected to wifi and connect your speaker to wifi via the app. Once the speaker is connected you simply play music as you normally would to any external speaker from your smart phone. Just sit back and watch those lyrics appear.

COTODAMA provides lyrics to music in partnership with SyncPower Corporation that has a database to over 2 million songs. If by chance the Lyric Speaker can’t display the lyrics to the song you have chosen, this means that it is outside of this database and you will need to request it. COTODAMA Lyric Speaker will try and provide the lyrics for you.

The speaker has won several awards including Best Bootstrap Company at SXSW Interactive Festival’s SXSW Accelerator competition, 2015 Innovative Technologies, 2015 Good Design Award, and Best 100 2016.

Only 15 pieces are handmade each month with currently less then ten available for sale in the USA for a hefty $4,500 USD.

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