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Renault's EZ-Go to invigorate future urban transport
with ridesharing and autonomous driving
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Mar 09, 2018

Renault brought its newest concept car, the EZ-Go, to the on-going Geneva Auto Show, with a major twist in  the vision than the other concept cars we saw before.


Upon first glance, the EZ-Go design sends us directly to TomorrowLand. Looking like a moving glass house, the concept car features panoramic glass enclosing the interior of a cocoon-like body structure, a U-shaped seat arrangement capable of housing 6 passengers, a hatch entrance at the front, and a land platform to provide extra accessibility to strollers and wheelchairs.


In terms of functionalities, the EZ-Go runs on Level-4 autonomy where manual driving is entirely erased from the picture. Passengers can hop on and off the car at stations, or any place that is on demand via app booking (so practically a driverless shuttle or Uber-Pool). A control center will integrate passenger request to existing path in an efficient way. As the vehicle is customized for urban setting, the speed is primarily controlled within 30mph.


Unlike many car manufacturers who are making cars to sell to individuals, Renault eyes for a more ambitious blueprint. The company is seeing EZ-Go as a future player in urban public transport to service commuters with more efficiency, flexibility and comfort. This vision transforms the company from a car manufacturer/seller to a service provider. Renaults suggest the fare will be higher than a bus ticket and less than Uber ride.


The Verge comments,  "The competition that will meaningfully impact the automotive world outside Geneva is among the companies trying to figure out shared transport solutions like the EZ-GO, not the ones crafting outrageous toys for speed junkies."

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