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Creative bike-storage ideas to clearing up floor space
Four unique products that stores your bike in an unconventional way.
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Mar 05, 2018


Except an attic, the ceiling is probably the last place you'll look for storage, and not to mention a bike weighs considerably. Hide-A-Bike utilizes the overlooked ceiling area, which is usually beyond reach for common tenants, for bike storage. A preinstalled rack unit  is able to suspend a bike of up to 50 pounds against the ceiling and free up the entire floor area.

However, this project seems to have gone off radar, after it went through an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign and the it's official website had gone offline.


Parkis Space Saving Bicycle Lift

The buzzword is effortless. Unlike the previous showcase, Parkis does not involve the step where you exercise your muscles to mount the bike. Push the front wheel in and push the bike up, and there goes your 40% of more floor space. The nice thing is the whole unit is versatile in many settings: home apartment, office, garage, balcony, or any place with a vertical structure. And the intuitive design ensures quick learning and adoption. The  Parkis starts from 353 Euros at the official website.


Chol1 Bike Storage Furniture

This company comes with a simpler solution for bike storage: just put it on the furniture. And the results are quite delightful. Chol1, based in Santiago de Chile, combines the passion for cycling and design and presents some of the most the bike-liciousfurniture in there catalog. From a shelf to couch, eight pieces of varied styles hold bikes upright in the built-in grooves and are available forworldwide shipping.


Flat Bike Lift Ceiling Bike Rack

This bike rack looks a lot like Hide-A-Ride, with the differences that Flat-Bike-Lift uses hydro-pneumatics to control rack movements and it is still in the market. After securing the bike on the frame, a gentle push-up will activate the unit to retract to the ceiling.  And vice versa with a soft pull-down.  It also features a rotation flange to move the bike to desired area. The product is available on Amazon for $289 plus a $59 shipping. 

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