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Smart Helmet for the Smart Generation - CrossHelmet Has It All
Adding extra smart for extra safety in bike riding
Sreoshi Bakshi
By Sreoshi Bakshi
Mar 04, 2018

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you have all the details of road directions, traffic, weather and approximate time to reach your destination when you are on your bike, within your palm? With CrossHelmet, your traditional bike journey is sure going to change completely. The Japanese company, Borderless is launching the CrossHelmet via Kickstarter and with smart technology, they are going to ensure several bikers a safe and cool ride.

The CrossHelmet products are designed with exclusive features which are certainly going to shape up the motorcycle industry for better. Some of the super smart features enabled in the helmets include:

·      Rearview Camera: CrossHelmet comes with a camera which has been fixed at the back of the helmet for a better viewing facility at the background. The 360-degree view of the road without having to turn your body – isn’t that amazing!

·   Head-up Display: Relevant information like navigation details, weather, destination time, traffic situation and many more are easily available to the biker through the head-up display on the top of the helmet.

·   Safe LED features: Premium quality LEDs are mounted on the sides of the helmet to ensure the rider a safe ride with more visibility during the night.

·   Easy Touch Communication: Take charge on the safety of your ride while on road with smart communication through the touch panel, which is designed on the right side of the helmet. You don’t require voice control, as your easy touch will be highly functional, even on this sensitive panel.

·   Bluetooth Connectivity: Enjoy a hassle-free connection with your favorite music, make quick calls, control sound canceling features (part of CrossSound Control) and have digital assistance while wearing this helmet. It’s easy and surely makes your biking experience a convenient one.

The smart sleek design of the helmet makes a chic addition to its features and instantly becomes a favorite among every bike rider. Along with the smart features, the Borderless company also ensured its safety by devising the full-face design with aerodynamics. The safety standards of the helmets are well maintained, and the fitted batteries are completely risk-free.

CrossHelmet is all about adding the right amount of sass to your personality and with the perfect combination of technology and style, these helmets are the must-haves for every passionate biker.

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