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Sea'sons is the world's first color changing swimming trunk
a "colorful" idea by Tom van Dieren
Jane Wise
By Jane Wise
Mar 03, 2018

One week ago SEA’SONS released their ‘color changing swimming short' on Kickstarter. By combining technology with fashion, their swimming trunks were given the ability to change color. They already raised more than €25.000. 

Their fabrics have been treated with heat reactive microcapsules, this means that their swimming trunks have the ability to change color when they get in contact with ‘cold' water. 

This isn’t because of the moisture, but because of the temperature of the water. The fabric is going through a temperature change because water is colder than the temperature above surface. That causes the fabric to change color. As the short becomes dry (warm), the initial color will reveal again. The color change effect isn’t limited. Just like every other swimming trunk, their shorts do not dry evenly so they will never have the same color (or pattern). 

The technic of ‘color changing’ is not new, but the application is. The application on synthetic fabrics isn’t done often before because it’s quite difficult to color a synthetic fiber. Natural fibers absorb way more moister so they're much easier to color. The application on swimwear is completely new, it has never been done before. 

"Nowadays there is a lot of new technologies to improve the comfort and the design of the shorts. We use these technologies to create the most unique and outstanding swim shorts in the world”. According to Tom van Dieren, founder of Sea’sons Swimwear. 

These swimming trunks will be available in 4 ‘solid’ colors: green-yellow, purple-pink, blue-green and orange-yellow. The shorts are made from 100% polyester to provide quick-dry and durability. 

You can order yours for £52 on Sea'sons Kickstarter page. 

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